Relentless Filmworks welcomes you to BACKSTAGE PASS

In honor of leap year and our extra day this month, we are thrilled to bring you the next edition of Backstage Pass.  We were so excited by the response to the January newsletter, that we are bringing you even more exciting and informative content and other "reel" world announcements in the coming months. It's getting busy here in the LA office, stay tuned for our Atlanta announcement very soon.  

This month focuses on getting clear on your goals, and there is no one better to inspire than Sarah Siadat, owner of her one-on-one career coaching service Mentoring For Actors.  Check it out!

Top 5 tips for managing your career HERE:

Sarah Siadat can be seen on the upcoming season 5 of VEEP.  Check out her super cool website and get clear on your goals with MENTORING FOR ACTORS!

Relentless Filmworks SIZZLE REEL OF THE MONTH:

The amazeballs Ayn Olivia Vaughan can be found here:

Her co stars were Darrin Glesser, Dawn Alden, and Steve Whelan.



oppressively constant; incessant

synonyms: persistent, constant, continual, nonstop, unabating, endless....

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